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Modern PLAST

Plastic Injection Moulding Service in Sri Lanka

Modern PLAST is a privately held company which provides various solutions for Plastic products manufacturing industry, with its expertise knowledge gathered for twenty long years in the field together with advanced technical facilities. The factory located at Siyambalape, close to Biyagama Industrial Zone is equipped with experienced qualified engineering team and advanced manufacturing machinery.

What Can Modern Plast Offer?

In Plastic Moulding

Modern Plast production facility includes advanced Injection Moulding machines for moulding and Lathe, Milling, EDM, Engraving, Drilling, Welding etc. for mould making and tooling purposes.

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Why Choose Modern Plast?
Modern Plast is Plastic Injection Moulding Service in Colombo Sri Lanka. Looking Plastic Injection Moulding Service? Modern Plast is Providing Plastic Injection Moulding Service & Mould manufacturer in Colombo Sri Lanka.